Spring Trek 2016 Recap

2016 Spring Trek
By Debbie James

The Spring 2016 Trek was a big success and was hosted by the San Fernando Valley Iris Society (SFVIS). Everything about the trek from the JT to the program and especially the gardens was absolutely beautiful. Dinner was nice and the judges training by Dell Perry on Aril and Arilbred irises was both informative and interesting. I also enjoyed her program on Saturday night. I can look at pictures of Irises for hours as they are just so delicate in intricate and they need to be looked at more than once. Which also helps if you’re an AIS Judge. If you’re not already an AIS Region 15 judge, I urge you to become one.

It was nice the bus went to the farthest home first and worked its way back towards the hotel. The home of Renee Fraser was the first on the trek. Her yard is tucked back off the street is very deceiving on first glance. Once you get past the entry gate and thru the patio, the yard opens up to a heaven inspired landscape. Some beds were color coordinated palettes and merged into each other effortlessly. Everywhere you looked there was something interesting like the succulents tucked into a pathway, the fish hiding under the bridge or the obelisk trying to stay visible half under a rose bush.

The lunch was awesome at the home of Kathleen Lang and her family. The pool was inviting on the hot spring day. There were irises on all four sides of here home. The guest were in the front along the drive and there was ample room for everyone to view them unobstructed by another trekker. Kathleen said we could swim after we dig the guest irises from her yard at the end of August. Every club should have their rhizomes before the end of the first week in September and the auctions should reap some nice dividends for the Region. This is really the only source of income for the Region so please keep that in mind when bidding on them.

After lunch we stopped at the home of Helen and Loren Zeldin. The Zeldin’s are just a handful of the remaining original members of the SFVIS which is going on its 41st year. They live on a ¼ acre rectangular city lot and every inch of it is planted with something that blooms. There were roses, poppies, alstromeria, California natives, fruit trees and a nice green lawn winding up the middle of it all. The guest irises were on display and I think it was peak bloom in his yard.

Hosting the trek can be a learning experience. And I am willing to share anything with the next hosting club. Before you book a bus, check with your city or county as some have free busses for non-profits. If we would have met at the Balboa Sports Complex here in Van Nuys, CA the bus would have been free. I think there was a bus prize for everyone on the bus. Sorry if some were dumb but you try and get 55 bus prizes for under $100. A budget is a budget and garage sales can behold treasurers if you look hard enough.

I really want to thank the Garden owners, Renee Fraser and Kathleen Lang. Kathleen and her husband also provided lunch for the entire group which was a huge undertaking. Thank you again to the Lang’s. The garden of Loren and Helen Zeldin’s was spectacular as always and Randy Squires’ yard was no exception. . And lastly I want to thank Cheryl Desaton and Winona Stevenson for being great bus captains and everyone who came and helped with the set-up of the boutique, sold raffle tickets, donated items for the silent auction and bus prizes.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon so until then, Happy Gardening

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