Midnight Kitty (Edwards 2011)
Herb Holk Award
Photo by Jill Bonino

Region 15 2017 Fall Meeting
The Southern California Iris Society is hosting the AIS Region 15 2017 Fall Meeting. The meeting is scheduled for October 14, with program by Robert Treadway on LA Irises. For more information, visit the upcoming treks page.
Registration Form

Judges Training Form available online
The judges training registration form is now available online. Completed forms should be mailed to Janis Shackelford, the new Judge's Training chair. See the form for details.
Judges Training form

2017 Affiliate Form available online
Clubs applying for AIS affiliation can get the form here. To meet the official AIS deadline affiliates must return their applications and check to the RVP by March 15th.
Affiliate registration form

Have a club meeting idea?
Cheryl Deaton is making a list of speakers and programs for all clubs to reference. Do you have an idea for a program that you think would be of interest to members of Region 15? Please let us know!
Program/Speaker Form

American Iris Society "World of Irises" Blog

The World of Irises blog was started March 9, 2011 by members of the American Iris Society. Over the last couple of years, the blog has posted a wealth of information from several irisarian contributors including Andi Rivarola and Renee Fraser from Region 15.
World of Irises Blog

Region 15 of the American Iris Society

Region 15 is part of the American Iris Society.
Region 15 as we know it today held its first meeting on April 22, 1939. As a result of this first meeting, the American Iris Society Board of Directors joined Southern California and Arizona into one region. With varied climates, our region has tremendous potential for hybridizers and commercial growers as well as those who simply enjoy growing irises.

Region 15 Map
Region 15

Region 15 currently has 10 affiliates in Southern California and Arizona. The Region and its affiliates provide education and support to local communities through programs on the care of irises, public shows and judges training sessions. Region 15 conducts Annual Spring and Fall Treks that provide a variety of programs and judges training sessions that are open to the general public. The Spring Trek includes tours of the gardens of club members to view the newer irises during bloom season. For more information regarding the Treks see the links on the left.

The bylaws of Region 15 of the American Iris Society are available here.

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